An x-ray of an arthritic knee. There is wear in all three compartments, with bone on bone in the medial and patello-femoral compartments.

Once your hip or knee joint is worn and arthritis has become established, joint replacement surgery is a good option to improve both your pain and your quality of life.

Joint replacements are big operations that carry potential risks, and these are explained further in these pages.

Patients will all have different thresholds at which they are prepared to consider joint replacement surgery, but a rough rule of thumb is that a hip or knee replacement is worth considering if you are getting pain in the joint at night, you would struggle to walk a mile, and you feel that your life is on hold.

Within these pages I have provided information on all the different types of joint replacement surgery that I offer, and the links below will take you to the relevant page:

Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

Patello-femoral Joint Replacement

Total Knee Replacement

Revision Total Knee Replacement

Total Hip Replacement